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Ben was born and raised in Issaquah WA where he now resides with his family.  He attended WSU where he met his wife Brittany and was married back in 2011.  They have a 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son who keep them on their toes to say the least!  Ben has spent his entire working career in the employee benefits space where he was formerly VP of Sales overseeing sales & distribution for 13+ years.  He couldn’t be more thrilled to use that experience gained in joining forces with two of his most trusted friends and business associates in starting their new agency together, BTG Benefits.  

Ben’s primary duties consist of helping strategize with companies to find them the most affordable and comprehensive benefit packages for their employees.  Trying to find the appropriate level of coverage can be a challenge in today’s health insurance world and that is where Ben’s innovative ideas, with an emphasis on controlling costs, provides value to his clients and prospects.  His belief that this business still revolves around relationships and trust is reflected in his approach and interactions with clients.  His informal but informative style resonates with employees as he is able to relate to them and present in a way that is easy to understand.  His biggest sense of purpose and meaning is when you feel as though you’ve accomplished your company goals while meeting the benefit and financial needs of your staff.  He’s here to help make this process simple, fun, and affordable for all involved! 






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Originally from the east side of the state, Jeremy attended Washington State University and chased his now wife, Heidi, to the west side of the state (best decision of his life!). 

Newcastle, WA is the place they’ve called home for the past 11 years with their two daughters, and dog. The Bright family takes pride in their community and you can find them at their local YMCA, hiking trails, church and parks. Jeremy also has a passion for all sports and recently has found great joy in coaching!


As an employee benefit consultant over the past 10 years, Jeremy places great value in earning the trust and confidence of his clients as he recognizes a lasting partnership cannot exist without this foundation. Each client is unique, and Jeremy understands the complexities and challenges employers face with regards to selecting the appropriate benefit package. His emphasis is in his consultative and creative approach as it is his goal to find a solution that meets both the budgetary needs of his clients and the needs of their employees.

Jeremy looks to maintain the value of his service and client’s interests to create a partnership that will prosper for years.


What is important to you, your business, and employees

is important to Jeremy & BTG Benefits!








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Tim is a long time local to the Seattle area and is proud to have made the Pacific Northwest the home to his family.  When he’s not working as a conduit for his clients, he stays plenty busy with his wife Melissa (where they met at their alma mater, The University of Arizona), son Charlie, dog Trip, and his soon to be second child on the way! Tim has spent most of his career in the employee benefit space, where he started alongside his two partners over 10 years ago.   He is extremely excited to have co-founded BTG Benefits with two people that he’s worked with from the beginning, and trusts and respects so deeply.

As a consultant to his clients, Tim works diligently to create a strategic approach, focusing on value driven benefits, without the compromise of the employee “benefit.”  Clearly, in today’s embattled healthcare landscape, this provides meaningful challenges, but with his established carrier partners, and unique approach, Tim and BTG welcome this opportunity.  He works diligently to make every encounter a contact to remember. He looks forward to your connection with the goal of being the “bridge” between your team and the best value in benefits!




VP operations


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Sheri Schultz is a Washington native, born and raised in North Seattle. A mother of an active 12 year old daughter, you can often find Sheri catching her daughters volleyball games, volunteering at school, messing around at the driving range or golf course as a newbie to the sport, or spending time with her family at her favorite getaway in Chelan, WA.


With this role Sheri is responsible for day-to-day operations as well as help with marketing, sales, ancillary lines, administration and service.


Sheri has been in group benefits for over 20 years.  She believes that every company needs a trusted advisor that will take the time to learn about their group and guide them to a benefits package that is right for their employees. With a strong background in ancillary lines, Sheri will help you round out your benefits package with the extras that will help you compete for and retain the best employees in your market.  Sheri specializes in creating genuine and meaningful relationships with each and every client she gets to work with.




vp business development 


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Cayce was born and raised in Spokane, WA and graduated from The University of Washington. He and his wife, Heather, now reside  in Shoreline, WA with their daughter, Lyla (7), and son, Logan (4) . There is certainly never a dull moment!  Cayce spent the last decade of his career working in the promotional products and marketing space. As the VP of Business Development he brings a wealth of client relationship experience to his new employee benefits role.  He couldn’t be more thrilled to begin to build new client relationships & support the truly unique “Bridge The Gap” vision of BTG Benefits.  

Cayce’s primary objective is to raise the overall profile of BTG Benefits & introduce an exclusive suite of benefit products to new potential partners. He is focused on helping companies who are looking for more value and a true white glove approach to their benefit brokerage experience.  Cayce believes that if you give him the opportunity to look under every rock he will be able to uncover recommendations resulting in a net positive to your bottom line. He would love the opportunity to go to bat for you & truly enhance your benefit experience!

Employee Benefits Broker Bellevue WA

They are awesome to work with and just great people all around.

Ronie Moran, Controller, Chad Fisher Construction





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Kim is a lifelong resident of Washington state, having grown up in Eastern Washington

and moving to the Pacific Northwest just after high school. She and her husband,

Jason, were married in 2015 in Maui ~ their favorite place on earth! They have made

their home in Burien with their two active boys, Desmond and Owen. You can usually

find them in their backyard playing with their crazy bernedoodle puppy or scheming their

next home improvement project. 

With a 15-year history in insurance account management and customer service, Kim is

passionate about getting to know every client, no matter their size, to cultivate a unique

experience dependent on their needs. Her primary role is evaluating proposed benefit

contracts and creating comparison tools by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing

employee benefit data and trends.


Having worked with the partners of BTG in the past, Kim couldn't be more thrilled to join

this dream team.

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