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sincerely value their integrity and thoughtfulness

I have worked with the BTG Team as my representative for over 4 years in two separate industries and at no point have they ever failed to provide an exceptional level of service. BTG goes the extra mile to ensure that we provide industry-leading benefits to our employees and further supports us to ensure our plans are successful in the dynamic and often unpredictable healthcare environment.

Most recently, I engaged with the BTG Team to be our broker representative, removing an incumbent who had failed to provide adequate benefit solutions for years. In doing so, our employee satisfaction in their benefits package skyrocketed as both their payments fell and the quality of their plans improved. This, coupled with a net reduction in plan cost to the company, has only affirmed my admiration of the BTG Team and their work.
The BTG Team, perhaps quite literally, are miracle workers. I have never worked with anyone quite as tenacious and excellent as them.  They won’t promise miracles, but they certainly have a habit of delivering them.

Ryan Brown, Sr Human Resources Mgr, University Audi/VW

At Goldfinch Bros, Inc. we recognize that our employees are our biggest asset and as such, providing an attractive and competitive benefits package is a big priority for our company.  We have relied on the BTG team for over a decade to provide us with excellent, high-quality services in designing and implementing our healthcare and employee benefit packages for our employees.  We appreciate that they have been proactive about putting new ideas in front of us to help us stay competitive with rapidly changing healthcare markets.  I highly recommend them to anybody who places a high priority on employee benefits and superior customer service. 

Scott Murphy, President/CFO, Goldfinch Brothers, Inc.

The BTG team has been our preferred benefits group since I was first introduced to them.  Over the years BTG has been committed to not only working with ownership, but also firsthand with my employees and understanding their benefits.  I sincerely value their integrity and thoughtfulness when advising on healthcare plans for our various businesses.  Understanding and choosing a program can be difficult and we are very fortunate to have such a great group to work with.

Jay Miller, Partner, MJS Investors

We have been very happy with the BTG team and the service they have provided.  They consider the profile of our employees and offer us, as the employer, several different options of insurance plans and providers to choose from.  We in turn are able to offer our employees two plans to choose from allowing the employees to select a plan that may fit their benefit and cost needs best. They are great at meeting with employees each year to review the chosen plans and answer any questions they may have and are professional and approachable in doing so.  We highly recommend BTG for your insurance needs. 

Paul Zimmer, Owner, S3 Maritime LLC

BTG Benefits made selecting our company insurance plan easy. We were able to compare and contrast multiple plans, and having BTG in our office to explain each one was invaluable. There is so much nuance to each plan, so having a trusted advisor makes the process simple and efficient. We are not a large company, so to get the kind of personal attention we receive from BTG gives us assurance that we have chosen the right partner.

Steve Silcock, Owner, Harper Winn, Inc.

*For the sake of consistency, all individual partners names have been changed to them/BTG Team*

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